Introduction of a Primary Point of Contact (PPoC) from July 1st 2021 onwards

In our 125 years history, Roche has continuously adapted to the changing needs of our stakeholders and the environment we are a part of, to best serve our patients. The burden of poor health is increasing and COVID-19 has reinforced the impending need to rethink how we work and collaborate within the healthcare ecosystem.

As we chart a new milestone with our 125-year history this year, we aim to transform towards being a strategic partner that provides integrated solutions in a sustainable manner. To fulfil this vision, we have made a significant shift by introducing a primary point of contact (PPoC) from July 1st 2021 onwards, to work closely with our stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem supported by an integrated digital approach. With this, we want to ensure that our stakeholders have a one go-to-person at Roche for any of their needs, who will be able to collaborate with them when co-creating and co-implementing solutions for their patients.

Below are a list of contacts if you have any questions:

1. Orders:

Order Processor
Customer Service Support
Credit Support

2. MY RPAP scheme
Go to or contact the hotline at 03 7628 5755 or via email at

3. Information related to Roche products/Therapeutic and Disease Areas:
Go to or write in to

4. For other queries:
Please write in to

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