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Groundbreaking advances in healthcare are only meaningful when they reach the people who need them

Our primary contribution to healthcare is to invent and develop medicines and diagnostics that significantly improve people’s lives. In order to be able to deliver benefits to people, our products must be within reach of those who need them.

We appreciate that healthcare systems are facing budgetary constraints that could restrict use of new therapies. We also recognise that the value of our products can vary across different geographies, along with the ability of healthcare systems and individuals to pay for them.This entails a commitment to working with many different partners to continuously and sustainably reduce the barriers that prevent or impede access to our products.

Roche Cares Programme

Roche Cares is part of Roche’s commitment to help eligible patients from low income groups to access the Roche medicines they are prescribed to. Kick-started in 2018, Roche Cares is a co-payment model, driven by Roche, involving patients and funders (healthcare and non-governmental organisations, charitable corporations, government stakeholders, etc) to reduce financial hurdle of patients in accessing innovative treatments.

In the last two years, we have partnered several private hospitals on this initiative, namely the Mount Miriam-Roche Cares Programme and Targeted Therapy Welfare Fund with Beacon Hospital.

If you would like to collaborate with Roche on such an initiative, please contact us via

Access to healthcare is a complex challenge and there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. The answer is rarely as simple as providing a packet of tablets.

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