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Roche is committed to collaborating with healthcare professionals to improve patient outcomes and the quality use of medicines

In 2018, Roche invested USD11.1billion on research and development. We are committed to ensure scientific rigour, unassailable ethics, and access to medical innovations for all patients.

As a research-based healthcare company, science and technology are at the core of what we do. That is why we support international and local programmes to promote an interest in these disciplines among young people. By improving access to education and real-world science and biotech skills, we hope to help grow the next generation of innovators. You can read more about our commitment to scientific education here.

At a local level, we are committed to ensure that updates and information on our current products, pipeline, clinical trials, events, updates from international scientific communities, and our patient assistance programs are all available at your fingertips at any time of the day. Hence, we have created a portal specifically for healthcare professionals like you.

Roche believes that the scientific exchange of ideas and knowledge is fundamental to driving improvements in patient outcomes and the quality use of medicines. Our engagement and collaborations with healthcare professionals and health-related organisations are built on a common set of values of integrity, maintenance of independence, respect, equity, transparency and mutual benefit.

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