Engagement: good for our employees, good for our business

We believe that employees who are engaged are key to delivering the highest standards and the greatest levels of innovation. That’s why we care about what makes working at Roche a rewarding experience for our employees. We know that many things matter to our employees: health and well-being, having a leader who behaves in a way that supports our values and leadership commitments, as well as having the support to develop your career, the tools to do your job and being recognized when you do it well. That’s why we take the time to ask employees for their opinion and measure their engagement through regular global employee surveys. And that’s why we then act on the results – to build an ever better place to work for our people.

We live our values
Three values sustain our culture and further our quest to help people achieve good health and longevity: integrity, courage and passion. We aspire to embody these values in everything we do.

Guided by values
Working for Roche means more than just having a job. To us, it means a daily obligation to maintain our personal integrity, think boldly and be passionately committed to improving medicine.

Our three Roche values are central to how we want to behave as individuals, and collectively as an organisation. We don’t just pay them lip service: they are binding for everyone who works for Roche in more than 100 countries throughout the world.

Integrity: We are consistently open, honest, ethical and genuine.
Courage: We are entrepreneurial and thus take risks, reach beyond boundaries and experiment.
Passion: We use our drive and commitment to energise, engage and inspire others.


It’s what’s inside that counts
We believe that a good business is an ethical business. By cultivating a culture of openness, we encourage everyone to grow their strengths, recognise and address their weaknesses, and continually strive to accomplish ambitious goals we’ve set for ourselves.