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Business integrity

As one of the world’s largest healthcare companies, Roche takes its obligation to meet the highest standards of business ethics and integrity very seriously. Meeting those standards is the responsibility of every employee.

Our standards of business integrity are set forth in our Code of Conduct, which include the Corporate Principles.

We make every effort to inform and train all employees, and business critical contractors on the basic business standards, including providing interactive learning solutions.

Responsible marketing

The pharmaceutical industry is governed by strict regulations and guidelines for the sale and marketing of products. Our Code of Conduct addresses responsible marketing practices, setting out standards for adhering to regulatory compliance and for interacting and engaging with healthcare professionals. Roche’s interactions with healthcare professionals are aimed at exchanging scientific information intended to optimise the use of Roche’s products and services. All these interactions are based on standards of integrity and fair remuneration for services. We are committed to benchmarking our achievements against best practice; this includes transparent reporting.

Our goal is to enable healthcare professionals to make decisions independently, based on all relevant data available, in order to deliver the greatest medical benefit to patients. To help us maintain good marketing practices, we expect all Roche employees to:

  • comply with applicable laws, regulations, industry codes and Roche standards

  • defend Roche’s products and interests against unfair competitive practices

  • seek help and advice in case of doubt

  • speak up in the event of compliance concerns

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