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Chai Yin, has been onboard as General Manager at Roche Diagnostics Malaysia since 2018, and she strongly believes in accepting the differences that people bring and drawing out the strengths in them. Chai Yin has more than 24 years of experience in the Diagnostics industry, and values her experience in the industry as she believes the meaningful work that is being done translates to better market access of innovative solutions delivered to the patients and community. She’s passionate in sharing her experiences with the newer generation workforce, and believes that our people are the core of making the work that we do meaningful to drive success in our organization.

Let’s get to know Chai Yin!

Heng Chai Yin

I’m inspired by people …

who are passionate, motivated and makes extra effort to create values for the benefit of others in life and at work.

I challenge myself by …

trying new things to gain new skillsets and adventure. Some examples are, sailing (learn new skills in a short time), learning to bake (patience & feedback), work in another country (adapt to new culture) while having fun making it successful.

I encourage innovation in the organization by…

challenging the status quo, try new ways of doing things and be creative.

When I’m stressed …

I re-arrange things at home or just watch a movie.

I live by the motto …

“Keep Trying and Never Give Up”,whatever challenges that come my way is to make me a better version of myself.

My take on the access to healthcare…

The innovative solutions that we bring to the market helps improve quality of patients’ lives. At Roche, our goal is to increase market access for patients and the community to have better management of their health.

Dialogue with Heng Chai Yin

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