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Deepti Saraf is the General Manager of Roche (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, the pharmaceutical division of Roche.

Deepti brings with her 17 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry in India and Thailand. Since joining Roche in 2013, she has worked across multiple disease areas including Oncology, Comprehensive Genomic Profiling, I2O and Nephrology. Deepti had also worked with the Thai healthcare system to implement the Thai Genomics version 4.0 enabling Thai patients to have better outcomes with personalized healthcare. She has been part of leadership teams in both India and Thailand. Deepti also successfully led the agile transformation of the Thai affiliate as Chief Transformation Officer in 2019. She played a key role in above-country ecosystem-shaping initiatives such as Mission Leapfrog to establish an integrated network with external stakeholders and partners. She has exposure across international markets through her work on health technology solutions that help build the healthcare infrastructure. She is also deeply committed to building a culture that empowers decision making, whilst encouraging innovation and experimentation that benefit patients.

Deepti graduated in Microbiology & Biotechnology from Mumbai and holds an MBA in Marketing and e-Business.

Let’s get to know Deepti ...

Deepti Saraf

I’m inspired by people …

who genuinely strive to make a difference to others and to the society despite the circumstances.

I challenge myself by …

TRYING, trying to conquer my fears, trying something new, trying to challenge self-limiting beliefs… there is no failure except in no longer trying

I encourage innovation in the organization by…

celebrating failure

When I’m stressed …

I sing :)

I live by the motto …

“Try and fail, but never fail to try”

My take on the access to healthcare…

Access to healthcare has to be better than yesterday! Each one of us as individuals in the healthcare industry have to strive towards it. It is our duty and our right! Roche is a committed partner in delivering better outcomes to more patients faster.

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