Roche Services & Solutions (RSS) APAC
More than 1,000 highly qualified, experienced and driven professionals provide global support and consultancy in the areas of digital communication, finance, procurement, human resources, IT, regulatory, compliance and beyond.
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Roche Services & Solutions (RSS) is a global organisation with main sites in Budapest, San José (Costa Rica) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), offering customer-centric 24/7 solutions to our partners all over the world.

Roche Services & Solutions APAC was established in 2016 in Kuala Lumpur. Our team of more than 1,000 highly qualified, experienced and driven professionals provide global support and consultancy in the areas of finance, procurement, human resources, IT, digital publishing services (coming soon), regulatory, compliance and beyond. The exceptional value from our end-to-end solutions enables Roche affiliates to focus on patient-centric activities.

RSS MAP locations in Costa Rica, Budapest, Kuala Lumpur, Basel, Chennai
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All the support you need for your professional growth

  • Annual bonus, Health insurance, Life insurance packages

  • Exciting career opportunities, volunteering and gigs

  • Long service award (5 years)

  • Referral programme

  • Professional and language trainings

  • Maternity and paternity leaves

  • Flexi benefits which employees can enjoy according to their lifestyle needs

  • Work-life balance: hybrid work arrangements (home & remote work)

  • Agile ways of working

  • Global diverse community

  • Sustainable practices

Opportunity to make a real difference

Roche Services & Solutions (RSS) is a workplace where purpose meets impact: The Roche Children’s Walk is our largest employee-driven fundraising event. Each year, we come together with our Roche Pharmaceuticals and Roche Diagnostics colleagues to raise funds for local beneficiaries that supports children in need. Employees have the opportunity to volunteer their talents and contribute to a meaningful purpose.

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RSS Employees and Diwali

Vibrant and fun community life

Our colleagues are invited to join and make an impact as part of our employee communities through various squads. This covers the areas of empowerment, career opportunities, innovation, wellbeing, sports and social activities, as well as sustainable environment initiatives.

As Malaysia is a multicultural country, we embrace diversity and inclusion by coming together for festive celebrations.

Unique work experience

  • Conducive collaboration spaces throughout the office

  • State-of-the-art ergonomic and networking facilities

  • Rooms for recreational activities (relaxation, yoga)

  • Complimentary breakfast or lunch daily onsite

  • Global and regional interactions with colleagues across the globe

  • Meaningful purpose in everything that we do aligned to the Roche 10-Year Ambitions

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Explore some of our areas of expertise

  • Customer Support

  • Relationship Management

  • General accounting

  • Treasury

  • Accounts Payable

  • Payroll

  • Business Process Management (BPM)

  • Digital Marketing Strategies

  • Social Media Management

  • Marketing Automation

  • Other essential digital services

  • Tech Support

  • IT Solutions Support

  • P&C Support

  • Employee Relations

  • P&C Business Partners

  • Organizational Development

  • Organizational Learning

  • Talent Acquisition

  • Compensation & Benefits Analysis

  • Training

  • Talent Marketing

  • Travel & Expenses Analysts

  • Supplier Audit

  • Planning

  • Agile Methodology & Coaching

  • Project Management

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Change Management

  • Consulting Services

Quote You find meaning and purpose knowing that what you do makes a difference.”
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