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Nilai Medical Centre and Roche Malaysia launch a programme for financially challenged breast cancer patients

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Negeri Sembilan, 8th April, 2021 – Cancer can be a major cause of financial hardship for  patients. The ACTION (ASEAN Costs in Oncology) study showed that more than 75% of cancer  patients in Southeast Asia experience death or financial catastrophe 1 year after diagnosis1,  hence Nilai Medical Centre (Nilai Medical) today launched the NMCares Targeted Therapy  Welfare Programme to help relieve the financial burden of HER2-positive breast cancer  patients. Nilai Medical collaborated with Roche Malaysia, one of the market leaders in oncology, to support these patients in need via Roche Cares, a tripartite co-payment model.  Patients will be able to gain access to targeted therapy at a subsidised cost under the  NMCares Targeted Therapy Welfare Programme and stand to save up to more than half of  their treatment costs. 

HER2-positive cancer is an aggressive type of breast cancer that grows and multiplies rapidly,  and affects 1 in every 5 breast cancer patients worldwide2. HER2-positive breast cancer has  traditionally been associated with poor prognosis. However, treatment with HER2-targeted  therapies has changed the natural history of this disease3

The launch of the NMCares Targeted Therapy Welfare Programme is indeed a timely and  welcomed announcement in light of hardships faced by financially challenged cancer patients  due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

This strategic collaboration complements Nilai Medical’s Cancer Assistance Programme,  NMCares, which was launched in July 2020 as a long-term programme. A total of RM 8 million  allocations is to be disbursed over a five-year period to reduce the financial burden of  treatment costs for Malaysian cancer patients.  

Dato’ Dr. Haji Noor Azmi bin Ghazali, Deputy Minister of Health, welcomed the partnership  between Nilai Medical Centre and Roche Malaysia that led to the launch of the NMCares  Targeted Therapy Welfare programme. “The Covid-19 pandemic has affected many  Malaysians both financially and socially. The Government has provided various stimulus  packages to reduce the financial burden of our communities,” he said in his video message to  launch NMCares Targeted Therapy Welfare programme. The programme, he said is timely, as  it helps reduce the financial burden of breast cancer patients and their families as well as  management of patients at public hospitals. “The Ministry has embarked on public-private  partnerships during the Covid-19 pandemic to reduce the congestion at Government  hospitals. We hope to continue strengthening such partnerships in cancer care to ensure the  continuity of patients’ treatment,” he added. 

Present to witness the launch was Datuk Dr Kuljit Singh, President of the Association of Private  Hospitals Malaysia (APHM); Lance Duan, General Manager of Roche Malaysia and Jasmine  Lau, CEO of Nilai Medical Centre. 

Jasmine Lau said, “NMCares has since helped approximately 40 cancer patients gain access  to treatment, primarily radiotherapy. Now, through the collaboration with Roche Malaysia,  NMCares is in a position to specifically help women battling HER2-positive breast cancer.  

“Every cancer patient we can help is a treasured milestone. We are mindful that each person  is someone’s spouse, child, sibling, loved family member or friend. Numbers are certainly not  the only measurement of ‘success’. What matters more is that we can extend love, care and  support and show them that they are not alone in this journey. 

“Ensuring NMCares achieves its long term goals requires industry partnership. We are pleased  to now be able to work together with Roche Malaysia to advance our mission,” she added. 

Lau also said that this strengthened Nilai Medical’s legacy as a pioneer and long-standing  cancer treatment facility as Nilai Medical was known as NCI Cancer Hospital prior to its  expansion to a full-fledged multi-disciplinary medical hospital. 

Dr. Kuljit also lauded public-private partnerships, saying, “The pandemic has had a major  impact on private healthcare organisations and patients as well, in receiving treatments for  their illnesses. As such, we at APHM support those in the private sector who step up to help  those patients who are financially impacted due to their illness, especially during the  pandemic, as it helps bridge the gap for these women in accessing the treatments they need,  financially.” 

Commenting on the collaboration, Lance Duan said, “The collaboration with Nilai Medical  blends perfectly with Roche’s corporate responsibility aspirations. We share the same goals  – helping cancer patients in their journey. When we kick-started our Roche Cares programme  in December 2018, our aim was to reduce the financial burden of patients in accessing the  Roche medicines they are prescribed to. This tripartite co-payment model is driven by Roche,  and involves patients and funders, and we have launched this model with 3 other healthcare  organisations in different therapeutic areas. To date, more than 119 patients have enrolled  into Roche Cares and we have invested more than RM 3 million, as part of our corporate  responsibility commitment to patients.” 

“At Roche, we understand patient’s struggles and this has spurred us over the year.s to pursue  collaborations with industry partners and continuously focus on delivering better outcomes  to more patients faster,” Lance concluded. 

For more information on NMCares Targeted Therapy Welfare Programme, contact the  WeCare Ambassadors at [email protected] / 010 – 219 9838 or visit or ‘Like’ their Facebook page.


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