Let's ROC

ROC Culture in Malaysia



Here at Roche Malaysia, we are guided by our purpose of doing now what patients need next.

But what about us as individuals? What drives us and motivates us to come to work every day? How can we contribute to making ours a high-performance Organization? How can we co-create a values-driven culture that inspires us? In considering these questions, we would like to share with you the ROC Culture in Malaysia.

ROC is an acronym and it stands for Risk-takingOwnership and Commitment.

Smart risk-taking derives from a culture where people understand what risk taking is, and then feel comfortable in proposing or even taking risks. When we can build this kind of culture here together, we will have an innovative organization which will push the limits of possibility.

When we take a step towards accountability and ownership, it can help strengthen the employee-employer relationship while instilling a sense of mutual trust and confidence within the workplace.

Commitment is the bond we experience with our organisation. Employees who are committed to their organisation generally feel a connection with their organisation. Employees who are committed feel they fit in and they feel they understand the goals of the organisation. This often helps employees to feel more driven and determined in their work, and results in relatively high productivity.

These three pillars enable us to work better together and to achieve and exceed our objectives at work.