Meet our GM

Lance Duan

Lance Duan's picture

Lance Duan, the General Manager at Roche Malaysia since 2017, strongly believes in focusing on people to bring out the best in them. Hailing from Roche China with more than 12 years in  the pharmaceutical industry, Lance believes that diversity is truly an asset for Malaysia, and he is still in the journey of discovering the breadth of local history and culture. However, regardless of the diversity at work, he focuses on people. Since taking over the helm, Malaysian colleagues know that he tries to communicate as clearly as he can, so that the team is well aware of what they are accountable for. He also gives his employees the power to decide while asking for results!

We asked Lance Duan what he thinks about the following topics:

What inspires him:

“The patients inspire me. My employees inspire me. I truly believe in our contribution to science and how doing now what patients need next, and there is still a lot more that we can do.”

How to foster innovation:

“I challenge the status quo, and encourage my team to always look beyond and do things differently. Fostering innovation is something I hold close to my heart.”

The Courage to fail:

“Mistakes happen and this is when you can learn, improve and innovate.”

What makes him proud:

“Am proud when there is a sense of urgency to approve new medication and treatments to help patients, as we know patients cannot wait!”

How he copes with stress:

“I move my attention from work to my family and close friends. Outdoor activities is something I enjoy, as well as trying out new experiences, food and travelling.”

Access to healthcare:

“I am looking forward to grow our patient access as the ground work has been laid well so far. Medicine development is advancing at a different pace than the systems that assess, fund and deliver treatments to patients. At Roche, we are committed to help close the patient access gap.”